How to Redeem Your Match Sponsorship Coupon Cards

Posted by Rhonda on May 19th 2024

How to Redeem Your Match Sponsorship Coupon Cards

BOAZ is thankful and blessed to be able to sponsor and donate to matches. Redeeming your code is quick and easy during your purchase. If you have any questions or issues we are here to help! 

How to Redeem Your Coupon Card

On our website checkout look for Coupon Code: click "add coupon" and enter your coupon. 

FAQ Are coupon codes and emails case sensitive?

No. Coupon codes and emails are case insensitive, to save shoppers frustration when using them.

FAQ Can Coupons be combined with bulk discounts, promotions or other coupons?

No. Unless otherwise noted, coupon codes can not be combined with bulk discounts, other coupon codes, sales or special promotions. However they should be able to be applied while using Gift Certificates.

FAQ How long is the expiration date on Coupon Cards?

Expiration dates are noted on each card. Unless otherwise stated they are good for 1 year to the date of the match they sponsor.

FAQ How do I get BOAZ to sponsor a match in my area?

Reach out to to contact Chris about sponsoring your match.