FFL Services

We do FFL Transfer Services at BOAZ Ammunition LLC. Our fee for Firearm Transfer is $25 plus tax. These transfers are by appointment only. Before Shipping to us, as courtesy if you plan to ship a firearm for transfer services through BOAZ please send the following information in advance to boazammunition@gmail.com.

  • Sending FFL Phone Number & Contact Name
  • Buyer for Transfer & Phone number
  • Tracking Number

Things you should know about Firearm Transfers:

Upon notification of the arrival of your firearm, you can schedule a pickup Schedule a Pickup Here

  • a valid photo id is required
  • Must be legally permitted to be in possessions of a firearm
  • Must be present for pickup, don't send someone on your behalf
  • Sign and comply with all legal agreements on the forms
  • Appeals require a new background check if not completed within 30 days.
  • You cannot purchase firearms for anyone that is not legally permitted to be in possessions of a firearm
  • to purchase a firearm as a gift you will need to have the recipient of the firearm come in to complete the transfer before taking possession

We are not financially responsible in any way if you are not able to pass a background check. The cost of returning a firearm will be your responsibility or the firearm will be held. STRAW attempts will be reported!